Alexander Kibanov+ Alexei Borisov + Alexei Bortnichuk + Cisfinitum+ Hutopia - TRRRack

Collaboration act beetween pioneers of russian industrial music (i mean AB/AB and Cisfinitum) and newbies (and i mean AK and Hutopia). Alexander Kibanov is young hope among the rotting russian industrial scene. First recordings date by 2001, seriously he has started to record music only in 2007. He has VERY many of projects and releases. Alexei Borisov is a musician (also radio dj and article writer), from Moscow, former of one of first new wave bands in USSR (Notchnoy Prospekt). He has many various projects and collaborated with such artists as Sergei Letov, KK Null, The New Blockaders, etc. Alexei Bortnichuk (ex.Zvuki Mu, Grozdya Vinogradovy) is a musician from Saint-Petersburg, mostly known for his project with Petr Mamonov (which started in 1983) and as member of cult russian band Zvuki Mu. Cisfinitum is a russian musician Eugene Voronovsky. Started his activity in 1997. Has collaborated with Migel A.Ruiz, Rapoon, etc., was member of Kooperativ Nishtyak. Hutopia is just Cisfinitum's helper on this record, i don't know anything about this girl.

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[NTT034] + [NTT035]

[NTT034] Autopsy Protocol - Umami

From Barcelona comes Eduard Catafal Abril's project Autopsy Protocol, which was previously featured on the Lostfrog netlabel. In Umami he mixes violent extremes with a healthy dose of humor.
Elements of headsplicing industrial and hardcore are entangled in original b-movie and local village song samples. The combination is very entertaining and shows a lot of compositional skill. Fans of Kurosawa/Miike style flicks should feel right at home in this ambiguous environment.
The included videoclip shows quite alarming footage from the mind's darker corners, while the accompanying track was made using an optical theremin connected to a kaosspad and guitar pedals.
Impressive stuff that proves the hardcore industrial era is not over yet.

[NTT035] Metro_NM - Skazka

It's not the first time that Entity virtually dwells in the depths of Russia, and with good reason (CD-R, Cisfinitum, anyone?)! This Metro_NM release for instance, of which the first track was originally released on the netlabel, reminds us of the surreal scopes and depth that is seemingly prevalent in their experimental musical subculture.
Ingeniously switching between rhythmic, ambient, vocal and abstract passages, the title track is a sublime journey into Vladimir's almost poetic universe. The insane variety in this piece definitely warrants multiple rewarding listening sessions.
What follows are emotionally charged, less chaotic, beautifully crafted atmospheres that come very highly recommended as well. Must-hear.

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RU.NOISE from Nexsound's Live Reports

Mp3 release of a great live document of a RU.NOISE party organized by Nexsound, that took place in "Kvartira" club, in Kyiv, Ukraine Recorded: 11th of December 2004.

Participants: Alexei Borisov, Cisfinitum and CD-R.

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RU.NOISE from Nexsound's Live Reports

Live document of a RU.NOISE party organized by Nexsound, that took place in "Kvartira" club, in Kyiv, Ukraine
Recorded: 11th of Decebmer 2004.

Participants: Alexei Borisov, Cisfinitum and CD-R.

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NTT030 - Cisfinitum - Malgyl

Enigmatic, very emotional drone album from Cisfinitum, who finishes in this way his surreal "0 vs 0", "Landschaft" and "Malgyl" trilogy. Awesome, heartily recommended work.

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[NTT024] Cisfinitum - Landschaft

Russian composers E. Voronovsky (music, synths, tapes, drones) and A. Tzarev (sound construction and digital editing) are responsible for our 24th release, which has been previously released as CDR on the Insofar Vapour Bulk catalog in 2000. Regardless we are very proud to make this material available to you, as its content is utterly timeless.
Landschaft is an epic work of deeply emotional/dramatic drones, carrying with them the Cisfinitum trademark which successfully combines electro-acoustic sources with a wide arsenal of Soviet analog effect processors. Eugeny Voronovski is also a professional violin player, which has undoubtedly contributed to the fact that "Landschaft" is nothing short of mindbending.
Expect more Cisfinitum in the future, but if you can't wait, you could always check out their other (highly recommended) releases on Waystyx and Drone Records.

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