ca355 - This Co. - Untitled

Photobucket This Co. is a Chilean band that combines Post-Punk and New Wave into a hybrid between rock and electronic. Thanks to its particular sound and meticulously designed stage show it creates an intense experience. The band was formed initially under the name Macanudo as a duel of guitars and electronic bases by Jorge Christie and Nicol�s Rebolledo (Chileno Medio). With the incorporation of Carlos Vergara (Federaci�n de Boxeo, Crack) on the bass, the band began to call themselves This Co. and to consolidate, with new songs and a more mature sound, that which had already been started. In 2007 This Co. played the principal stages of the local scene, presenting with Nouvelle Vague at the EIMA festival and also at the Cada Canci�n Una Historia cycle, that received a very good mention in Rolling Stone magazine. The 2008 launch of their self-titled debut earned the support of the specialized and the general public. Various songs on the album have been remixed by Garbo, El Sue�o de la Casa Propia (E.S.D.L.C.P.) and Fiat 600. This same year, with the incorporation of Cristi�n Aranda (Federaci�n de Boxeo, Crack) on the drums presented with The Twelves in Kubix and launched the video of their single �As you know� preselected as one of the 10 most resquested on MTV. Recently and with new songs in their repertoire, This Co. toured Europe and played in Barcelona, Weimar and Berlin on July 2009, in four excellent presentations that confirmed the international projections of the band.

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vrb041 Paul Robson - Airborne Layers II

Vorbic release VRB041

The next slice of gentle loveliness from Paul Robson is here.

Fans of the less is more will appreciate this, its pure, sparse and unquestionably what you should be listening to once the evening crowds have dispersed.

01 � Stratiformis: 3:07
02 � Perlucidus: 7:18
03 - Intortus: 10:14
04 � Lacunosus: 12:15
05 � Spissatus: 9:39
06 - Stratiformis II: 4:12

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V.A - Sao Paulo's Burning -(FREE)-

Our first free release is now on-line !

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Sao Paulo's Burning! A hip-hop compilation made in Sao Paulo, 24 tracks from the brasillian roots of hip-hop with lot of great locals bands !

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Tracklist : 01- �couter - Espi�o + Rodrigo Brand�o
02 - Maioria 100 - Mamelo Sound System
03 - S�rio. - Elo da Corrente + Mamelo Sound System
04 -Ei! - Elo da Corrente
05 - Homem de Ferro - Espi�o
06 - Deixa - Espi�o & Rodrigo Brand�o
07 - Alameda da Mem�ria - Contra Fluxo + Rodrigo Brand�o + Espi�o
08 - Corrente do Bem - Contra Fluxo
09 - Por a� Vou Vagar - Ogi
10 - A Nossa Hora - Dr. Caligari + Ogi
11- Davi o Verdadeiro Gigante - Donces�o
12 - Caiu de Maduro - Prof. M.Stereo
13 - Indel�vel - Akin
14 - Dias em Branco - Subsolo
15 - A Quem Possa Interessar - Kamau
16 - Vim Vi Venci - Simples
17 - Minha Parte - Stephanie
18 - Andei - Lurdez Da Luz + Stephanie
19 - Zirigdum - Lurdez da Luz + Rodrigo Brand�o
20 - Durma Bem (Remix Munhoz) - Rump + Mamelo Sound System
21 - Um por Todos - Projeto Manada
22 - Minha Luz - Rump + Espi�o - Minha Luz
23 - Bela & Fera - Mamelo Sound System + Espi�o
24 - Imagem - Mamelo Sound System

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modisti 10 . Achnn . Sprint de la sève, écume et moquette

We started doing sound collage together in 2005, then improvisation in 2007. Our first goal was, and still is, to feel pleasure by playing music. Anne is not an academic musician but she has the feeling and the freedom to use her voice, to hit objects, guitar and everything around her. I play toy ziher and computer with the help of a software called �usine�. This software is much more adapted to my feeling in improvisation. Sprint de la s�ve, �cume et moquette it�s an improvisation we made in spring 2009.Le sacre du printemps ah ah! home.

listen & download

modisti modisti-netlabel

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[gargan040] Deep-Z - With All My Heart (Dedicated To Inka) EP

F�r die erste Ver�ffentlichung in diesem neuen Jahr hat "DEEP-Z" vier warmherzige Deep-House Tracks produziert. Diese vier Tracks haben eine spezielle Kompaktheit die dem Zuh�rer sofort umschlie�t. Schwebende Grooves und tiefgr�ndige Soundloops erzeugen eine besondere Stimmung, der man sich nicht entziehen kann.


For the first publication in this new year, "DEEP-Z" produced four warm deep house tracks. These four tracks have a special compact that immediately surrounds the listener. Floating grooves and deep Soundloops create a special atmosphere, which you can not escape.

Artist: Deep-Z

Title: With All My Heart (Dedicated To Inka) EP

Genre: Deep-House / Ambient

Label: Garganrecords

Cat.# No: [gargan040]

Format: mp3, 192 kbps


  • 01.In Between Final
  • 02.Into Unknown
  • 03. Autumn Transmission (Part 01)
  • 04. Drowning
Preview (m3u)

Download (ZIP)


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Logical Disorder - Violent Playground (brhnet08)

brhnet08 Logical Disorder - Violent Playground

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