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Posted by : xhale the 2000-05-23 | Categorized as : CD/DVD release


I must admit I've always been a bit suspicous when dealing with the IT3 project, but maz reported one interesting bit: Apparently Jeffrey Lim (pulse, coder of IT) has quit his game company to enter the team responsible for IT3, to "make it both the most powerful and easy to learn/use program that exists for composers of all genres!". Sounds cool!

Posted by : Knos the 2000-05-22 | Categorized as : Noerror news

Tokyo dawn records

Something new boys.
Fly with Falgor by Twister and Set For Motion by Krii.

Posted by : djam the 2000-05-22 | Categorized as : CD/DVD release


New release on Noisemusic from elysis. vapour trail is an electronic symphony. Get it now :)

Posted by : djam the 2000-05-22 | Categorized as : People, Website news

Scene cd's

kosmic.org - Has moved on to mp3.com. I'm saddened to see Maelcum go this route but he doesn't have much choice when the scene isn't supporting him by purchasing CD's.
Traxinspace - Here is one I don't hear much about. But they got a big plug by carrying some max payne music.
scope records - Gone. Had some problems with their record distributor. Again, discovered it isn't easy running a scene label.
trsi recordz - Release muffler this year (great album) and another couple good ones. But the only reason they are still around is they have several other companies to help bring in money.
http://www.merregnon.com/ - Sounds like a promising CD with some big scene names. But that doesn't mean much if no one purchase it.
audiophonik - We are still selling these at a slow pace via www.fusecon.com and www.imphobia.org. Buy now and support the scene!

Posted by : djam thru comp.sys.ibm.pc.demos the 2000-05-22 | Categorized as : CD/DVD release

djam spams internationally!

trustworthy sources whom asked to remain anonymous have spotted the almighty djam in a NON-french irc channel, advertising some weird site he's been running. We quote:

for people who wants some music news : http://www.error-404.com/noerror/

in bad english even. who would have ever expected such a controversial deed from such a respected tracker?

Posted by : eggbird the 2000-05-19 | Categorized as : Noerror news


This is the flyer when Atjazz (aka nuke) came in paris. Excuse me..he's my favourite musician haha :)

Posted by : djam & hardfire the 2000-05-19 | Categorized as : Noerror news

Lookin' for something ? :



Noerror is a project born in early 2000. Its first purpose was to relate some of the most famous demoscene music releases, it extended to all the active demoscene netlabels and finally all the netlabels, no disctinction. Just talent and beautiful music is now the word.

Originally created by moonove and knos.

8 years, the same team, the same point of view and the same passion.

Enjoy noerror.


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