Demoscene radio on the web

Tonight (9pm to 9am cet) Orange juice radio will be on air with a special night full of ym's...featuring Big Alec, Mad Max, Follin, Huelsbeck, Jess, Count 0 and many more..

Posted by : djam thru ojuice the 2000-05-19 | Categorized as : People, Website news

NemeSys Ships Gigastudio

GigaStudio™ line of professional sampling workstations. GigaStudio boasts the largest sampling capacity of any commercially available sampler, limited only by hard disk space. GigaStudio 160 has the highest polyphony of any professional class sampler, and all 160 of its voices can be streamed from the hard drive in real time. and more... and more...

Posted by : djam the 2000-05-19 | Categorized as : Software

make buzz what you want it to be

Buzz got a new official website recently, and the first thing you will find on it, is a survey on who is using buzz, what you like, what you want in it...

Posted by : knos the 2000-05-18 | Categorized as : Software

Mono211 update

2 more releases on Mono 211. One from Elektrobef and one from PBC (pretty boy crossover).

Posted by : djam the 2000-05-18 | Categorized as : People, Website news

Software synthesizer

AAS anounces a new software synthesizer based on physical modeling. Friendly user interface and can incorporate physical models.

Posted by : djam the 2000-05-17 | Categorized as : Software

Watermarking your mp3's.

You can now watermark your mp3's. This technology can now add a unique watermark while the file is being loaded. Very usefull to identify.

Posted by : djam the 2000-05-17 | Categorized as : People, Website news

Hellven release "Living in Spring" musicdisk

Ambient group Hellven have just released their musicdisk "Living in Spring", featuring mostly chillout music. There is over 70 mins of quality listening on the disk. Well worth checking out!

Posted by : Chimera the 2000-05-17 | Categorized as : mp3 release, EP release

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Noerror is a project born in early 2000. Its first purpose was to relate some of the most famous demoscene music releases, it extended to all the active demoscene netlabels and finally all the netlabels, no disctinction. Just talent and beautiful music is now the word.

Originally created by moonove and knos.

8 years, the same team, the same point of view and the same passion.

Enjoy noerror.


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