[sfr051] - ramide - bloody notex

after the track made for signorafranca's cinquanta compilation, ramide release a very interesting techno ep, hard, nice and sweet sounds. tracklist: 1.bloody notex 2.inFusa di liquirizia 3.move data from a red cloud

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Total Reboot and ZhangJW - Game Tunes [enrmp239]

Split IDM EP soundtrack to an imaginary video game by the hands of Israely project Total Reboot and Bypass label owner ZhangJW. Artwork by Wang Jiao and BreakPhreak (Total Reboot).

Download from ftp.scene.org
Download from http.se.scene.org
Download from archive.org
Download from last.fm
Download from legaltorrents.com
Download from wesharemusic.com
Download from sonicsquirrel.net

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Microbit Project - Depressive Happiness

Artist: Microbit Project
Release name: Depressive Happiness
Label: Qulture Prodiction
Cat. cultmp3#157
Release date: 2010-01-27
Style: Hardcore Punk, Breakbeat, Hardcore Techno
Time 35:14
Quality 320 kbps
Size 81 mb

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[45rpm026] M.P. - Echoes Of A Far Melody

artist: M.P.
Label: 45RPM-Records
Cat. 45rpm026
Release date: 2010-02-11
Style: Ambient, Lo-Fi Ambient, Atmospheric
Time 23:33 min.
Quality 320 kbps mp3
Size 54 mb

1. Echoes Of A Far Melody (10:28)
2. Far Far Melody (4:25)
3. Echoes Of A Far Melody (Atmospheric Mix)(8:40)

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[LCL20] Ras Amerlock : 2010, A Bass Oddity

LCL20 Ras Amerlock - 2010, A Bass Oddity

Ras Amerlock : "2010, A Bass Oddity (Trinity All Stars)" LCL20 - 02/2010 LCL neltabel

Ras Amerlock is an american Dub producer who already released several tracks on the german netlabel "Jahtari" and autoproduced LPs and EPs.
This multi-instrumentalist, has a lot of hidden unreleased gems : here are some of them, just lightly remastered to fit in the same LP.
The tracks are rough and alive as vintage, if you approach your ears you might even hear the tape delay breathing...
Along the road, you'll meet some deluxe guests like Disrupt (Jahtari - Germany), Uffe (Sweden) and Mc Zulu (Perception 2020 - Panama).
A true Odd-yssey !

1 . Pre Historiker Dub (R.A. meets Uffe)
2. 7th See Dub in Twilight (R.A. meets Professor Balthazar)
3. Santiago meets Pach'o Merlock
4. Tribute to Volfoniq
5. Macht Doch Nicht Immer So Viel Aufheben (R.A. meets Disrupt)
6. Tribute to Disrupt (Nah Fuk Round Riddim)
7. Tread Wise (Version)
8. Red Light (R.A. meets Mc Zulu)
9. Ambassadors (R.A. meets Mc Zulu)
10. Leipzig im Winter
11. Runners Riddim

Click here to get the full release for free on LCL netlabel website !

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NS008 Background Radiation - Moot Point EP

Background Radiation - Moot Point EP

Background Radiation - Moot Point EP
No-Source Netlabel - [NS008]

Background Radiation, is folktronic pop. Tim Dwyer and Ludo Maas, both on different sides of the world, collaborate in a Postal Service like fashion through the internet. Moot Point is the ironically named follow-up to their ironically named debut, "False Start". Much like the first EP, these songs, layer acoustic tinkerings and mesh them with slow, electronic rhythm sections. "False Memories Take You By Surprise" is a short instrumental intro as if the opening credits to a film. Themes of film, space, and love come and go over the course of album from the folksy number "Give Me Light" to the ambient pop of "Double Negative". You'll hear lots of different influences in the EP from the almost National sounding "Motion Trees" to the David Sylvain-esque "Need The Constant".

01) False Memories Take You By Suprise
02) Give Me Light
03) Radiate
04) Double Negative
05) Motion Trees
06) Need The Constant

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Sebo de Tripa - Sc [INQ013]

EP title: Sebo de Tripa - Sc

default image

Date: January 20, 2010
Cat.#: INQ013

Review: "Sc" is an exceptional piece of sound art recorded by "Sebo de Tripa" coming from Riga, Latvia. Intentionally, the project is about "anti-music", or the non-standard sound perceiving and manilupation, still oriented on sound gourmets with big ears. Using old Soviet radio signal receivers with the old-school sound, the "band" consisting of four amateurs went mad popping and squeezing air in the kitchen of Normunds Pics, the person having an idea to record a completely distinct noise recording with no repetitive moments, which changes the consciousness. The recording of 4 tracks has been completed in January 2009, and the band decided to sell it on their own established label, "Pischit", since "everything which sells is scam". However later in 2009, the 3rd track from this recording was picked up by the Netherlands producer Mark Stolk, for his anniversary net label compilation "Just Not Normal #50". The track ended the compilation and has been received numerous reviews around, that's why Pics decided to publish it for free, adding yet another desperate sound journey from SdT outtakes specially for INQB8R edition. This is the first release on INQB8R which consists of tracks recorded purely live, with no cuts or post-editings applied.

Possible Definition: S-hit

Direct link to this release:
Sebo de Tripa - Sc


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